Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A peek through my rose colored glasses

Some day the time will come
When all your dreams won’t be undone
Some day you will see
That life is just as it was meant to be
Someday when you listen to your heart
Your world won’t fall apart
Someday the things you believed
Won’t be hatefully perceived
Some day when you look around
You won’t find darkness abound
Some day you won’t play along
Some day you’ll really belong
Some day life won’t be a race
Some day you’ll find your place
Some day you won’t have to fight
Some day life will turn out right
Someday you’ll find your streak
Behind the clouds so dark, so bleak
Then one fine morning, it is your day
Then one fine morning the world hears you say
From today I know,
From today I feel
From today I’m right
From today I heal
From today things go my way
From today someday is everyday.

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