Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And yet again I find myself...

Yet again my heart wonders why
The only thing I want is all they deny
Everyone knows just how to win
Only I seem to be paying for my sin
The world, as a cynic I can blame
But my battle with destiny remains the same
Caught in a crusade against time
I see that opportunity window sublime
Before the darkness penetrates to my soul
Before the world takes its toll
Before the sun falls through the sky
Before bidding my final goodbye
There’s something I want you to know
When life wouldn’t spare me a low
You were the high I lived for.
You said I loose to you my heart
When winning seemed a distant art
When this pitiless domain scorched my core
You brought me up from my knees
Touched me gently like a cool summer breeze
No garden of Eden, no paradise
No reverence to Inferno beyond my demise
you are my savior, that breath of life
The emancipating kernel of my strife

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