Sunday, January 18, 2009

With stolen memories and a borrowed pen...

Cobbled narrow twisty streets
And a charming old coffee shop
The smell of rain and foamy dreams
Trickling down my coffee mug

Filled with magic and a dash of wonder
And the essence of thundering skies so grey
Drink slowly for not coffee my dear
It is a sip of my soul you take

Look, out of the window he said
And find the lady with spindles and bells
A bar of hope, a pinch of love
And sometimes a bucket of miracles she sells

Not deep love nor mighty wonders
Or the bundles of woven charms I seek
Just coffee beans and cobbled streets
And a borrowed pen is all I need

Just a few more tears..

I sit sometimes near my window
And write my dreams with flowing tears
Making their way through warm flushed cheeks
Those tears sweeten the reflection that appears
Breathing life in what’s just a story
Or baffled thoughts in my head
They give a soul to those desires
That were parts of a life, just almost led
A little bit of what I dream
A little bit of what it seems
A little bit of growing hope
A little bit of how I cope
Is a part of my faith that in the coming years
Life might give me just a few more tears


Silently moving
Yet violently strong
Your words make right
All that went wrong
You wrote having a distant memory
Of a love or a foe
That built the beautiful ship of words
Which you now seem to row
I wish you could see
How your pain brought comfort to me
In those cold nights
When you cried my unknown
Your tears sailed my broken heart
You words alone, carried me home
I wish not to know you
For my thoughts have a way of never coming together
When I most seem to need them
I wish never to see you
For a glance of mine
Is not so refine
To see that soul
To see the art
That healed my broken heart
Through a stranger’s life
Through a stranger’s blows
Though a stranger’s pain
Through a stranger’s woes
You wrote to bring yourself relief
Through you my stranger, I found my inner peace


The world that looks endlessly grey
The life that wrongs you day after day
The heart that aches for a beautiful dream
The soul that shivers from a sight unseen
The words are spoken, nothing left to say
The heart that wonders
Why those eyes looked away
The ears that would rather believe the lies
The fool who wonders why his soul cries
The sun that shines only to set
The people we love and conveniently forget
The fights we fight only to fight
The wrongs we know will never be right
The people who lift up our spirits and soul
From whom tragedy takes all its toll
The lonely boy across the street
The strangers we see, the people we meet
Stuck in a limbo between fact and fiction
Yet we dare to live with such conviction
A life that depicts
Everything contradicts
Yet every morning to the unknown
I still wake up in a cheerful tone
Because sometimes those strangers bring me joy
Because sometimes I smile at across the street boy
Because sometimes things really are what they seem
Because sometimes reality beats the most perfect of dreams