Sunday, January 18, 2009


Silently moving
Yet violently strong
Your words make right
All that went wrong
You wrote having a distant memory
Of a love or a foe
That built the beautiful ship of words
Which you now seem to row
I wish you could see
How your pain brought comfort to me
In those cold nights
When you cried my unknown
Your tears sailed my broken heart
You words alone, carried me home
I wish not to know you
For my thoughts have a way of never coming together
When I most seem to need them
I wish never to see you
For a glance of mine
Is not so refine
To see that soul
To see the art
That healed my broken heart
Through a stranger’s life
Through a stranger’s blows
Though a stranger’s pain
Through a stranger’s woes
You wrote to bring yourself relief
Through you my stranger, I found my inner peace

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